Sonic Steel Lithuania Tour ‘09


Once again Sonic Steel is featured at high-profiled venues in Lithuania. This time, we performed at 3 venues during the nation-wide Christopher’s Summer Festival.

On this site, we have posted pictures and text from and about the tour while we were on the road, and as soon as we have edited the video and sound material, we will post excerpts of this too.

So be sure to stop by once in a while to catch up...

The tour dates were:

July, 31st         8.00    Live Appearence in National Lithuanian Television

July, 31st       20.00    Concert at Teacher’s Garden, Vilnius

August, 1st    17.00    Concert at Bistrampolis Estate Manor, Bistrampolis

August, 2nd   17.00    Concert at Sesuoleliai Manor Estate, Sensuoliai

The tour was organized in close collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute, and was sponsored by Knud Højgaards Fond, Danish Musicians Union and World Music Denmark.