Sonic Steel Baltic Tour ‘08


Here you can read, watch, and listen to Sonic Steel’s tour through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

-  listen to excerpts from the concerts in Vilnius and Riga here

-  Videos are now up - watch them here.

-  Read the article here.

The tour was made in close collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute, and is supported by Knud Højgaards Fond, Sonning Fonden, Grupa CIDO, Danish Artists Union, and Danish Musicians Union.

The tour dates were:

July 1st    Congress Hall - Vilnius, Lithuania

July 2nd   Corporate concert for CIDO - Riga, Latvia

July 3rd    Fontaine Festival - Liepaja, Latvia

July 4th    Riga International Jazzfestival - Riga, Latvia

July 4th    Europa City Hotel - Riga, Latvia

July 5th    Kursaal - Pärnu, Estonia

July 6th    Theatre Vanemuine - Tartu, Estonia

Knud Højgaards Fond


Sonning Fonden