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SUMI released their debut album in december 2005 on the label signals, and it was well received by the Danish experimental scene. You can buy it at or download it at
Here is what the magazines wrote:
“a beautiful and complex listening experience that combines the playfulness of improvisation and artistic ambition into a number of soundscapes with    influences from ambient, electro-acoustic composition, and avant-garde jazz”
“Cyborg jazz with attitude and humor!”
                            - Geiger magazine
       “A beautiful soundworld that one wishes were longer”
                                                        - Cadence Magazine
“there is something alluring and fascinating in the airy electronic universe,    
       SUMI creates”
                              - Gaffa magazine
”music that swings between sound-play, rhythms, and here-and-now
        -   Trine Boje Mortensen, National Danish Radio